Simply describe what you need and how much you want to pay. Someone out there will be able to help you.

You’ll create a clear presentation of you job in just minutes By filling in:

·WHAT it is ?

·WHERE it is?

·WHERE it is going?

·WHEN it is needed?

·PICTURE OF ITEM(S) – Just click on the camera icon and shoot – pic loads right in the page.

·JOB DESCRIPTION – Be very specific about the details.

·HOW MUCH – offer a fair price and save yourself lots of money.

All the “ Hawlers” in the city will see your post.
The ones interested in your job will reply.
You will see their profile – a picture of them, their truck and peer reviews.
Pick the one you want – Their contact info will be sent to you – Call them up and discuss the details.
They do the job. You pay them – Then rate them – So others can be informed.

Complete the profile page to make yourself available.

Follow the simple prompts.

·TAKE A PICTURE – of yourself and your truck (very important that they see YOU They are hiring YOU)

·FILL IN THE DIALOG BOX – Put in details that make you trustworthy and reliable ( connections to the city, job or skills, organizations you belong to)
Make the customer want to hire YOU.

·PAY SUBSCRIPTION FEE –  NOTE:  Is FREE Right Now! You will now see all jobs in the city.. choose the ones that you want Make cash!